Safety, Health & Environment

Our Commitment to Safety and Health

Safety has been and continues to be an integral part of the way HMDC conducts its business. Lessons learned from other offshore developments have been incorporated into the design and operability of the Hibernia production facilities.

Safety is a consideration in every decision made by all personnel working with Hibernia. Accidents are not an expected outcome of the job, and every precaution is taken to prevent them. Every team member is expected to identify hazards and take appropriate action to ensure that no hazards are left unattended. Audits and inspection of Hibernia work places and activities are conducted on a continuing basis.

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Our Commitment to the Environment

The principles of environmental responsibility and stewardship are integrated throughout the Hibernia organization and are reflected in every action and initiative.

HMDC recognizes that environmental objectives, based on relevant scientific and socio-economic data, are best achieved by defining specific goals and developing appropriate standards through government consultation. Input from local communities is also essential in order to strike a balance between environmental needs and the technical and socio-economic demands of the project.

HMDC is applying some of the most stringent measures in the industry to prevent and clean up oil spills. All production, storage, off-loading and transportation systems have been designed to minimize the likelihood of any oil spills, large or small, and an effective Oil Spill Response Plan has been incorporated into the project's overall emergency response procedures.

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